August 16, 2019

Next Avenue, Forbes' and MarketWatch article "A Guide to Taking a Gap Year or Gap Time in Midlife"

Mark Schmitt, in the photo above, is a Center for Interim Programs adult "gapper" along with Janet Lipsi who is also featured in this compelling "Next Avenue" article, A Guide to Taking a Gap Year or Gap Time in Midlife by Lisa Fields. Forbes posted this article the same day and MarketWatch two weeks later with the title Why you might want to take a gap year before you retire.

Mark took an unpaid leave of absence to travel in 2018 and in over 10 months completed 14 adventures. Janet Lipsi wanted to go where she was needed and volunteered at a children’s center in South Africa for two months before doing some travelling.

Fields tells her readers that your 50s or 60s may be ideal for taking time off if you have children who have grown or you are in a comfortable place professionally and have the financial flexibility for a break. She quotes Holly Bull, President of the Center for Interim Programs (who uses the term "Gap Time" instead of "Gap Year"), as saying "The value derived from this exploring, short or long, is invariably high: Rest, a sense of renewed excitement about life, being away from home and the familiar, meeting new people, being a traveler rather than tourist, engaging in something substantive with a sense of purpose."

It is always worth it for anyone of any age to do our free hour and a half brainstorming session to learn more about the many possible options and experiences to match specific interests and time frames.

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