May 10, 2024

Why the Gap Year Option Is Key for Gen Z

(Some of our 2023-24 Interim students on an entrepreneurial training and internship program in Europe.)

A survey of 800 employers by the Intelligent Group indicated that 1 in 5 Gen Z job seekers took their parents with them for the interview. And not for summer jobs.

They often don't realize the importance of eye contact during meetings, or how to dress professionally.

Two recent articles (below) on Gen Z highlight some of the challenges this generation is facing as they enter the job market. 

From Interim's perspective after forty-four years of doing gap year counseling with over 8900 students, the importance of having transition time and gaining-in-the-world skills during a gap year is even more evident, especially for post pandemic students. 

Gap time helps them identify interests and more powerfully navigate not only college but the process of interviewing for, and obtaining, a job. For example, an internship during a gap year offers students a half-step into the work world, without as much pressure, and where they can make mistakes and learn.

This generation, more than any other, needs gap time to explore core interests, gain practical skills, and experience independent living and socializing within community. There is a clear need to fill in missing pieces resulting from isolation during the pandemic.

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