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Founded in 1980, the Center for Interim Programs ("Interim") is the first and longest-running independent gap year counseling organization in the United States. At Interim we have always believed that the process of personal expansion and creative risk-taking is relevant to people of all ages, at any stage of life. Through our own personal explorations and professional experiences, our team knows first-hand that the perspective, knowledge, and skills gained through a well-planned gap year are critical to one's growth and identity, and as such are a tremendous complement to further personal, academic, and career pursuits.

Each of our counselors is accredited through the Gap Year Association, having demonstrated excellence in the field of gap year consulting and passed all required standards for ethical, responsible, and risk-managed placements in gap year education.

  • We offer a free 90-minute consultation to anyone interested in gap time. 
  • With a full-time researcher, we actively cultivate a network of over 6,600 opportunities worldwide.
  • Our history of nearly 4 decades of program relationships, site visits, ongoing research, and alumni feedback informs our high quality and personalized recommendations.
  • We are a team of passionate learners and active listeners, committed to supporting individuals who are seeking to explore their full potential.


Holly BullPresident
Jane SarouhanVice President
Jason SarouhanVice President
Kate WarrenDirector of Research

Our team has over 70 combined years in the field of experiential and international education as gap year counselors, program directors, trip leaders, travelers, students, and parents. We have helped more than 8,000 individuals navigate their gap time. Our expert counselors are panel speakers at NACAC, HECA, IECA and high schools nationwide, and have been the keynote speakers at the USA Gap Year Fairs since its inception in 2007. Our accredited Professional Gap Year Counselors through the Gap Year Association (GYA), have also served on the Board of Directors and Advisors for GYA. We have been interviewed for numerous articles, books, radio, and television shows covering the gap year, as listed in Interim In The News.

We are happy to provide references upon request. You may also enjoy reading how Interim has been a part of compelling Facts & Figures in support of gap time, as well as some of our student and parent Testimonials.


The Center for Interim Programs was originally founded in 1980 by the late Cornelius Bull whose career in academia spanned 28 years as teacher and headmaster. In his daily work with students, Cornelius saw the need for a complementary path of learning through hands-on, in-the-world experience. Prior to the advent of the Internet, he compiled a comprehensive database of unique program options, and the Center for Interim Programs was created as the first independent gap year counseling organization in the USA. Its purpose was to assist students in making a more effective transition from high school to college and for college students to evaluate what they wanted to achieve in their college careers and beyond.

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