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Planning a meaningful, productive, and fulfilling gap year takes time, strategy, experience, and a lot of question-asking to discern the opportunities that are best suited to you. Our dedicated team brings 50 combined years in experiential and international education to help you design, research, and implement a customized gap year that addresses and supports all your ideas and criteria.

Each of our counselors is accredited through the Gap Year Association, having demonstrated excellence in the field of gap year consulting and passed all required standards for ethical, responsible and risk managed placements in gap year education.


Our highly personal and comprehensive services include: helping to draw out your unique interests, goals, abilities, concerns, and resources; making customized, high-quality referrals that best suit your requirements; recommending strategies to choose and combine options to create the most effective and satisfying gap year; supporting you throughout your gap time with advice, new options and resources as needed; welcoming you home with opportunities to debrief your gap time and prepare for your next transition. As your gap year counselors we have many valuable roles, including:

  • as your Researcher, we locate and vet programs on your behalf, drawing from our database which is actively maintained through site visits, student feedback, and ongoing outreach;
  • with the volume of options available, we are your Filter, sending you highly targeted options in manageable portions that best suit you
  • as Strategists we help you identify, prioritize and order all of your criteria to ensure a sensible approach not just to one placement, but to your entire gap year;
  • our role of Mentor supports you throughout the challenges, changes, and successes of your gap year:
    • before you leave, we will have as many meetings as are needed to help you decide upon, apply to, and prepare for your gap placements;
    • once you are on your gap year, we check in regularly to offer ongoing support and conduct additional program research if needed;
    • upon your return, scheduled phone calls and feedback forms help us to debrief your experiences and evaluate the quality of your placements, as well as our services.

Interim welcomes working with all people, regardless of age, culture, ability, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, religion, or socio-economic status. Please review our Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC). 

Process - Getting Started

Anyone who is interested in a gap year is offered a free 90-minute consultation with one of our counselors. This meeting is designed to give you a thorough introduction to our expertise, and the ways in which we may be able to best support you, without any initial cost or commitment on your part.

1. First complete our Interest Sheet so we can start to get to know you and research your interests prior to our first meeting.

2. We will then contact you to schedule our free, no-obligation 90-minute consultation which takes place by phone, Zoom, or in-person. At least one parent is required to join the meeting if a student is younger than 21 years old. Engaging in this session does not obligate you to work with Interim; it will, however, give immediate shape to your ideas. We work with individuals of all ages, nationwide and abroad.

3. In our 90-minute consultation we will:
  • offer you details on how Interim works;
  • answer your questions and concerns about taking a gap year;
  • review your Interest Sheet in greater detail;
  • help you determine and prioritize goals for your gap year;
  • suggest vetted options that suit your interests, budget, and timeline (please know that in this meeting we do not share names of options or give our expert opinion on options you may have found on your own; this is part of the value of our service if you choose to sign on);
  • wrap-up with a written outline of possible gap year programs and scenarios.

4. There is no obligation to work with us after your consultation. As you consider our services, we are happy to provide references upon request and you may also enjoy reading some student and parent Testimonials.

Fee - $2,800

  • Our one-time, non-refundable fee is good for a lifetime of personalized, professional service for each individual who signs on.
  • We are committed to supporting a wide range of budgets and offer sibling discounts and need-based scholarships.
  • We do not accept commissions or payments from programs for our referrals; we assess and refer gap year options through an unbiased, thorough research process.
  • Not every gap year program or placement is appropriate for every individual, and we reserve the right to use our own discretion in choosing which to recommend.
  • We do not help find paid placements, however we do have both strategies and low cost options to support a wide range of gap year budgets.
  • Our fee does not cover any expenses related to travel for, or participation in, programs or placements, all of which shall be the client's sole responsibility.

Ready to get started?

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