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  1. Princeton Magazine - September 1, 2023, "Gap Years Take Off, and Not Just for Pre-College" by Wendy Greenberg
  2. South China Morning Post - April 13, 2023, "Chinese are ‘lying flat’, Americans are on gap years as pessimistic youth take a hard look at traditional jobs" by Ralph Jennings and He Huifeng
  3. Monterey Bay Parent Magazine - February, 2023, "Is a Gap Year between High School and College exactly what your pandemic-weary teen needs?" by Lisa Wong
  4. The New York Post - July 24, 2022, "Want to work in another country? Here’s what you need to consider" by Vicki Salemi
  5. The Wall Street Journal - April 28, 2022, "Seeking College-Admissions Edge, More Students Take Gap Year" by Alex Janin
  6. The Washington Post - October 7, 2021, "You’re a different person when you travel. Here’s why, and how to transform yourself at home" by Jen Rose Smith
  7. Omaha World-Herald - December 9, 2020, "Nebraska universities expect drop in enrollment of international students this fall" by Rick Ruggles
  8. - August 25, 2020, " 'Do You Really Want to Spend the Money on Online Yale?’ For the Class of 2020, Gap Years Beckon. For Holly Bull, the key to the Gap Year experience is for adolescents to be “thinking more consciously about who you are and what’s of value to you,”". by Kevin Mahnken
  9. - July 22, 2020, "With this year in particular, what we’re seeing is many more students thinking about taking a gap year who weren’t even considering it, said Holly Bull, president of the Center for Interim Programs in Princeton, NJ". by Amanda Hoover
  10. - May 27, 2020, "More students are considering gap years. But with travel limited, what are their options? Holly has some ideas." by Alexis Shanes
  11. Bloomberg Businessweek - May 15, 2020, "The Covid-19 College Gap Year Exposes a Great Economic Divide which Threatens Campus Budgets" by Janet Lorin
  12. Omaha World-Herald - May 3, 2020, "More students may take gap year in light of uncertainty caused by coronavirus pandemic" by Rick Ruggles
  13. Lifestyle - The Princeton Packet and - February 7, 2020, "The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year at Any Age" by Pam Hersh
  14. The South Orange-Maplewood Adult School website and The Essex Daily News - November 7, 2019, "How to Fill a Much Needed Gap" by Rose Bennett Gilbert
  15. The Hollywood Reporter - August 20, 2019, "The Concierge Services That Craft Gap Years for Hollywood High School Graduates" by Abigail Stone
  16. Next Avenue - August 15, 2019, "A Guide to Taking a Gap Year or Gap Time in Midlife" by Lisa Fields (this article also posted by Forbes and MarketWatch)
  17. BBC Capital - November 7, 2018, "Baby Boomers are taking a Golden Gap Year" by Philippa Fogarty
  18. Family Circle - November, 2018, "How Discussing a Gap Year with Your Teen can be a chance for a teen to explore and mature—without the pressure of grades" by Allison Slater Tate
  19. The Buzz Magazines - October 1, 2018, "Read how Interim student Devin Gohel and others saw their Gap Year as what our author calls a Victory Gap" by Cheryl Ursin
  20. ADDitude Magazine - Fall, 2018, "ADDitude, a magazine dedicated to working with ADHD youngsters, tells how the concept of a gap year makes perfect sense" by Attitude Editors
  21. Moneyish - August 30, 2018, "How taking extended time off makes people like Simone Biles even better at their jobs" by Nicole Lyn Pescue
  22. Chicago Tribune - February 8, 2018,  "Suburban high school students attend gap year fairs" by Kathy Routliffe
  23. Gap Year Association blog - October 6, 2017, "How a Gap Year Consultant Can Help Make Your Gap Year Better" by Hannah Miller
  24. The New York Times - July 14, 2017, "You Don't Have to be College-Bound to Take a Gap Year" by Mark Miller
  25. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority - May 15, 2017, "Mind the Gap Year: 3 Financial Benefits to taking a Year off Before College" by Alert Investor Staff 
  26.  Prepared for South Dakota Board of Education - April 12, 2017, "Advantages and Drawbacks of a Gap Year" by Bailey Grussing, Brian Myers and Alissa Quam
  27. the Chronicle, Harvard Westlake School - February 24, 2017, "School hosts gap year fair for area students" by Sophia Heller
  28. Harvard Ed Magazine - January 8, 2017, "Rethink the Gap" by Brendan Pelsue
  29. The Odyssey Online - December 1, 2016, "Why Gap Years Are The Best Years" by Marjorie Anne Foster
  30. The Daily Orange -October 4, 2016, "Syracuse University Students Take Gap Years Despite Negative Connotations" by Haley Kim
  31. The Boston Globe - September 29, 2016,  “Is Taking a Gap Year Before College a Good Idea?” by Elizabeth Gehrman
  32. - June 5, 2016, “5 Resources to Help You Plan Your Gap Year” by Gina Belli 
  33. - May 26, 2016, "The Life-Changing Adventures of the Gap Year" by Joel Patenaude 
  34. - May 11, 2016, "Will Taking a Gap Year Help Me Get into the Ivy League?" by Kathryn Flynn
  35. The Fiscal Times - May 4, 2016, "What's a Gap Year? And Why Are They Becoming Trendy?" by Mellie Dent
  36. International Business Times -  May 3, 2016,  "How Will Malia Obama Spend Her Gap Year? Growing Industry of Study, Service Abroad Programs Offers Options" by Julia Glum
  37. Cosmopololitan - May 3, 2016, "8 Women Predict What Malia Obama Will Learn During Her Gap Year" by Ko Im
  38. Newsweek - May 2, 2016, "Malia Obama's Gap Year: A Fad Not Just For Presidents' Kids" by Max Kutner
  39. Quartz - May 2, 2016"Taking a 'Gap Year' Before College is a British Tradition That's Becoming a Big Trend in the US" by Kate Groetzinger
  40. - March 28, 2016, "The Surprising Benefits of a Mid-Career Break" by Elizabeth Garone
  41. Huffington Post - March 22, 2016,  "What is a Gap Year?" by Andrea Wien
  42. - March 9, 2016 "Mind the Gap Year" by Lynn Robbins
  43. - December 2, 2015, "The Gap Year: The Best Way to Step Into College Might Be to Step Out for a Short While" by Ed Quest 
  44. Saving for - November 5, 2015 "Using 529 Plan Savings to Pay for a Gap Year" by Kathryn Flynn
  45. U.S. News & World Report - August 3, 2015, "4 Tips to Ease the Financial Sting of a Gap Year" by Susannah Snider
  46. New Jersey 101.5 - July 2, 2015,  "'Gap Year' gaining popularity for NJ high school grads" by David Matthau
  47. Daily Breeze - June 23, 2015, "My Turn: Gap year abroad gives son appreciation for cultures and lifestyles" by Carol Baker
  48. Taming the High Cost of College Website - May 7, 2015, "My Daughter's Gap Year. An Interview with Kurt and Audrey Jacobsen" Episode 37 with Brad Baldridge
  49. Shedding Lights - March 15, 2015, "Gap Years are Crucial Before College" by Andrew Rosen
  50. New Jersey 101.5 - January 01, 2015, "More adults taking mid-career 'gap time' with an interview of Holly Bull, president of the Center for Interim Programs in Princeton " by David Matthau
  51. Taming the High Cost of College Website - November 20, 2014, "Taking a Gap Year Interview with Holly Bull, President, Center for Interim Programs" Episode 28 with Brad Baldridge
  52. KWHS Wharton, University of Pennsylvania - July 15, 2014, "A Gap Year Could Be Your Path to Making Smarter Decisions" “Lets a student step away from the formal classroom and have a break" says Holly Bull. by KWHS Staff
  53. The Bucks County Courier Times - July 14, 2014,  "Gap years gain popularity as students seek purpose, passion" by Naila Francis
  54. Cosmopolitan Magazine - May 17, 2014, "When Studying Abroad Goes Horribly Wrong" - Six women share how their time abroad took a terrifying turn and the safety tips you need to avoid their mistakes. "It can be hard to tell about a Program from Websites" warns Holly Bull.  by Sarah Elizabeth Richards
  55. Brain World Magazine - May, 2014, "The Gap Year: To Get The Most Out of College, Take a Year Off."   Holly says that "So much of this process is just stepping out into the world." by Tucker Coombe
  56. News Chief - March 14, 2014, "More Colleges Funding ‘Gap Years’" "Students who take part are able to see the world beyond the bubble they grew up in" said Holly Bull. by Paige Sutherland
  57. NBC News - February 4, 2014, "Gap Year for Grown-Ups: Some Workers Taking Mid-Career Time Out" Whenever I interview students and parents are sitting there, they invariably say, 'God, I wish I could do that.' says Holly Bull. by Rob Lovitt
  58. The Boston Globe - January 13, 2014, "Save money (and sanity) in a gap year" - College-bound students delay matriculation in favor of travel or community service. by Jennifer Graham
  59. Science Magazine - December 13, 2013, "Time Off to Work - Mind the Gap Year: a growing number of graduate - and medical-school-bound students are taking gap years" by Trisha Gura
  60. The Wall Street Journal - December 8, 2013, "The Case for a Midlife 'Gap' Year" Baby boomers are taking career breaks to reflect, re-energize and restart their engines by Anne Tergesen
  61. Deseret News - November 4, 2013, "How taking a 'gap year' between high school and college can improve your life" "Whatever is decided upon, it's essential that the student take the reins in planning the Gap Year", Holly Bull said. by Celia R. Baker
  62. Fox Business - September 20, 2013 "Taking a Gap Year: What Students Should Consider" “When students take this kind of time, they don’t forget how to learn--they’re much better students,” says Holly Bull. by Emily Driscoll
  63. The Cape Gazette - November 9, 2012, "Cape grad offers Eastern remedies" by Melissa Steele
  64. Time Magazine Moneyland - October 5, 2012, "Gap Year: The Growing Appeal of Not Going Right to College" by Victor Luckerson
  65. The San Francisco Chronicle - September 5, 2012, "College students fill gap year with meaning" by Jill Tucker
  66. The Philadelphia Inquirer - August 04, 2012, "Cherry Hill West graduate headed to Senegal before Princeton" by Angelo Fichera
  67. The Minneapolis Star Tribune - July 28, 2012, "Students take intentional gap" by Kevyn Burger
  68. Baltimore Magazine - May 2012, "Filling the Gap" by Jane Marion
  69. The Financial Times - April 23, 2012, "Students forgo gap year to afford college" By Eric Katz in Washington
    NOTE:You will have to register with the Financial Times to read the article.
  70. The Durango Herald - April 05, 2012, "More and more, college can wait" by Emery Cowan

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Articles Written by Interim

Media Pieces Featuring Interim

  • Holly Bull, Interim's president, was interviewed about the gap year option by college counselors, Eric Furda from William Penn Charter School, and Eileen Feikens from Dwight-Englewood School, for their show "The Process" on Sirius XM Business Radio, Channel 132. This 79th show will run on weekends through February, 2024. They did a terrific job asking Holly thoughtful questions for their listeners.
  • A staff writer for the Piedmont Highlander, Ellie Broscow, created a podcast last week and published a link to the episode in her paper.  The interview is thorough and in this episode she starts to dive into the topic of gap years! More specifically, what are they and why are we seeing such an upward trend in students choosing this option? To answer these questions Ellie will be talking to gap year expert Kate Warren from The Center for Interim Programs in New Jersey. May 16, 2022 - 40:57 minutes.
  • "A leading expert in college funding, Brad Baldridge, interviews Holly Bull" If somebody is really not sure what they’re doing and not inspired in the classroom, taking a semester or a full year to explore is not likely to derail you from finishing college. Gap time gives students the time to tune in and take charge of their own journey. This saves the student from ending up spending six years in college trying to figure things out (that’s the average!). And that also helps their family’s financial situation since they won’t be spending extra money on college. – Holly Bull . October 15, 2021 - 38:47 minutes
  • "Holly Bull interviewed on Radio Hotline" Holly Bull is interviewed on Radio Hotline by Dennis Price, the Host of Radio Hotline, which he dedicates to interviewing professionals from many fields to explore what they do and how they like it. July 2018 - 58:00 minutes
  • "Secrets of College Planning" Holly Bull is interviewed by Secrets of College Planning host Anthony Uva about how taking a gap year leads to better preparation for college. YouTube, November 17, 2017 - 26:06 minutes
  • "Cue the Lights", Holly Bull speaks with students hosting a local TV show in Princeton, NJ about the core principles of gap time. YouTube, May 16, 2016 - 27:43 minutes
  • " 'Gap Year' gaining popularity for NJ high school grads", Holly Bull of Interim speaks with New Jersey 101.5's David Matthau about the benefits of the gap year and the wide range of options available. July 2, 2015 - 45 seconds
  • "Princeton Public Library Gap Year Panel", Holly Bull, Center for Interim Programs President speaks on the panel that discusses the Gap Year. (Broadcast no longer available.) March 2015
  • "The Case for Taking a Gap Year Before College", Holly Bull of Interim participates in a discussion on the Gap Year with Bloomberg's Jane Williams and two others. Bloomberg EDU Podcast, Feb 12, 2015 - 30:14 minutes
  • "Holly Bull describes the Gap Year " and how it can assist the participant in developing and expanding his or her views. 2014 - 2:09 minutes
  • "Gap Time Away from College" Episode 28, Taming the High Cost of College Website, The High Cost of College's Brad Baldridge speaks with Holly Bull of Interim about how time spent away from the formal college environment can help students be more prepared to enter college or a career. Podcast, Nov 20, 2014 - 40:03 minutes
  • "undecided", Maine Calling, Maine Public Broadcasting Network's Jennifer Rooks speaks with Holly Bull of Interim, author Genevieve Morgan and Portland HS guidance counselor Doug Drew about options post-college.
    Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Portland, ME, April 29, 2014 - 50:44 minutes
  • "The Gap Year", See Holly Bull of Interim and two of her Gap Year participants offer their views on the Gap Year. Channel One Interview, August 19, 2013 - by Marquis Emmerson
  • "College Bound, Now What? Figuring Out Your Career Path", Holly Bull of Interim describes students getting a sense of who they are and where they're going after taking a Gap Year between high school and college. Princeton Public Library Panel Discussion, October 16, 2012 - No longer available
  • "Taking A Gap Year Can Improve Student Achievement", Holly Bull of Interim and Robert Clagett, former Admissions Dean at Middlebury College, discuss one of the best reasons for taking a Gap Year between high school and college - doing better in college! WBUR - Radio Boston Interview, March 8, 2012 - 25 minutes

Books Featuring Interim

For Students
  • The Self Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Children More Control Over Their Lives, Ned Johnson and William Stixrud
  • Gap to Great: A Parent's Guide to the Gap Year,  Andrea Wien
  • undecided. navigating life and learning after high school, Genevieve Morgan
  • GAP YEAR American Style: Journeys Toward Learning, Serving, and Self-Discovery, Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson
  • The Complete Guide to the Gap Year, Kristin White
  • Children of Fast-Track Parents, Andrew Brooks
  • Coming Into Our Own, Mark Gerzon
  • The Gap-Year Advantage, Karl Haigler and Rae Nelson
  • Success Without College, Linda Lee
  • Taking Time Off, (The Princeton Review) Colin Hall and Ron Lieber
  • Teenage Liberation Handbook, Grace Llewellyn
  • Teenager's Guide to School Outside the Box, Rebecca Green
  • Time Out, Robert Gilpin and Caroline Fitzgibbons
  • The Uncollege Alternative, Danielle Wood
  • Where's the Map?, Beth and James Hood

For Mid and Post-Career Adults
  • Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, Chip Conley 
  • Six Months Off, Hope Dlugozima, James Scott, and David Sharp
  • Time Off From Work, Lisa Rogak

Other Gap Year Books

For Students
  • Gap Year: How Delaying College Changes People In Ways The World Needs, Joseph O'Shea
  • Taking A Gap Year, Susan Griffith
  • The Gap-Year Guidebook, editor: Susannah Hecht

For Mid and Post-Career Adults
  • Invent Your Retirement - Resources for the Good Life, Art Koff
  • Gap Years for Grown Ups, Susan Griffith
  • Escape 101 - Sabbaticals Made Simple, Dan Clements & Tara Gignac


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