August 16, 2018

Adult Gappers .. It's Your Time!

Kathy Thomas is paving the way for adult gappers. She has been working with the Center for Interim Program's President Holly Bull since retiring in 2015. In that time Kathy has traveled to Africa multiple times for various volunteer projects. She has attended yoga and writing workshops in the US and Europe. She has worked with elephants in Thailand. Upcoming plans include an expedition to Antartica, followed by some travels in Chile. Kathy's journey is far from over ... 

How can one summarize such a vast array of experiences? Just recently we heard from Kathy who shared: "I am three years into this exciting, exhilarating, life-changing Journey and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for your guidance. I don't know that I would be on this path without your help."

Read more about Kathy and other inspiring adult gappers in this NYTimes article: You Don't Have to Be College-Bound to Take a Gap Year

Is it YOUR time for an adult gap year? Explore the mid and post career pages on our website, and contact us for your free 90 minute consultation!

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