November 17, 2021

"You're a different person when you travel..."

This October 7, 2021 Washington Post article, You're a different person when you travel. Here's why, and how to transform yourself at home, touches on the benefits of travel and includes the gap option for adults as well as students. 

Holly Bull, Center for Interim Programs' President and Gap Year Counselor is quoted as saying:

It’s a chance for people to discover parts of themselves sidelined by career and family life, said Holly Bull, president of the Center for Interim Programs in Princeton, N.J., an opportunity to hop off “this track that people sort of see laid out ahead of them.” The counseling business she leads connects those would-be travelers with a breadth of possibilities, such as baboon research and language immersion. Bull saw a surge of interest in adult gap-year travel during the first year of the pandemic. 

Gap time is for anyone and the benefits are similar no matter one's age.

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