November 18, 2020

Despite COVID-19 Gap Year Students are Enjoying Fall Experiences


We just received this great photo from one of our students currently finishing quarantine with a group of fellow gappers on a Welsh farm before heading to Italy. What is gratifying to know as we hear from students and program staff this fall, is that quarantines are working even if socially challenging, and our students are enjoying on site experiences in the company of fellow students in Ireland, Europe, Israel, Hawaii, the mainland US, and soon Costa Rica. 

There have been several positive tests but these cases have been mild and the students have been able to heal on site with support from staff and rejoin their program activities. The gap year program providers have done a truly extraordinary job of preparing for this anomaly of a year and supporting students, parents, and fellow staff  members. 

Gap years are all about facing new experiences and challenges and learning how to roll with change. Our hats are off to our many students and parents who are engaging in this especially intense process, despite the fears and concerns of this particular year. Based on what we currently know, we feel confident that our students will be able to continue exploring interests, hands on, into the winter and spring.

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