February 23, 2019

The Gap Year is Assisting More Students at All Economic Levels

A Gap Year is now proving to be beneficial to a wider pool of students who wish to attend college. The articles featured here explain how supporting efforts to discover our interests and become more mature are not only valuable to our personalities but to our educational, economic, and professional directions.

Value Colleges sees the Gap Year in this way, "A gap year gives young people the chance to mature, to learn more about their career goals, and to decide what path is right for them. Colleges lose when students aren’t prepared and drop out; students lose when they choose a college or major that isn’t the right fit." Please read how Value Colleges views the Gap Year and how 35 of their top rated colleges are fully in support of a Gap Year. Many are well known and prominent.

An article from PRnewswire looks at Value Colleges and states clearly that it considers Value Colleges "an independent online guide to the best values in undergraduate and graduate education". And that "Gap years have become a common way for students to improve their chances of admission and figure out their college and career paths."

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