November 19, 2018

Cornelius H. Bull's unique legacy

A Clean Water Well in The Gambia in Memory of Cornelius Bull
Founder of the Center for Interim Programs
Cornelius Bull (former headmaster of Robert Academy in Istanbul)
Ibrahim Betil (philanthropist and Robert Academy alumnus)
On October 29th, 2018, Ibrahim Betil and a group of friends visited the Sitahuma village in The Gambia and performed the opening ceremony of the water well installed in memory of Cornelius H. Bull. Mr. Betil, seen in the video below, said the villagers, especially the women and children, are very happy. Many of the women hugged him and said “we had to walk 2-3 miles every day to reach clean drinking water, now you have given life to us and to our children.”

The villagers announced that they have decided to repeat the celebration of the Cornelius H. Bull Water Well every year on October 29th.

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