October 23, 2018

Report from the Field: A Mom's Take on her Son's Gap Year

Center for Interim Programs

Dear Interim,

I wanted to write to give you an update on Jamie since we just got back from a four-day trip to Costa Rica.

Jamie is having an absolute ball. The language and volunteer program you recommended is fantastic and the director is an amazing guy.  Our first day in San Jose, he took us on a really interesting tour of the city. I was really impressed with all the topics we touched on during the tour. What a dynamic guy. We also went to the program’s headquarters and had lunch with Jamie and his compadres.

Jamie’s host family situation has been fantastic. They have really made him a part of their family and he has enjoyed each of them. They prepared a lovely dinner for us and it was such a pleasure to share a meal with them. Not only that, but Jamie has made many friends in their neighborhood. There were many people in the neighborhood who addressed Jamie by name and stopped to talk with him. The funny part is that there are actually two Jamie’s in the program right now—and BOTH red-headed young men. So, Jamie has taken to going by “Jaimito” (little Jamie) which has caused much mirth every time he introduces himself to someone new.

He’s already completed two internships, one in a community center helping disadvantaged kids and one in a medical clinic. This week he was off to work on an ecotourism farm where he will be without internet for the next three weeks. It was just so cool to see how good Jamie’s Spanish has gotten and how comfortable he is speaking. The friendliness of the Ticos is something Jamie really enjoys, and he’s made many, many friends.

Also, I can’t thank you enough for letting Jamie know how incredibly lucky he is to have the opportunity to work at Alta this winter. You got through to him in a way his parents just couldn’t, so thank you for that! We could not be more pleased with Jamie’s experiences. Thanks so much for recommending them to him! You certainly do important work that change the lives of the kids with which you work!


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