COVID-19 Information

(This page contains sections on Safety, 3 Response Scenarios, & Articles)

Interim's primary concern is the safety of our students. Given COVID-19, we are monitoring the most informed news about it so that we can share the best information with our families.

For rapid testing sites in your area:

For finding available vaccines in your area:

The following resources provide reliable and timely sources of information:
The Center for Disease Control
The United States Department of State
The World Health Organization for International Travel and Health
The National Association of International Educators
The EPA released a list of Sanitizers for Use

For updated travel restrictions by country:
IATA - International Air Transport Association and US Dept of State

3 Scenarios in Response to COVID-19 Potential Restrictions:
Families are understandably concerned about COVID-19 and its effects on the coming gap year. Since last fall, we have witnessed most all of our students attending programs safely on site, with peers and leaders in the US as well as some locations abroad. This past spring students engaged in group programs as well as more independent internship placements and volunteer work in the US and abroad. We continue to recommend following the three possible scenario outline and how to respond effectively given the range of available options:

  1. Ideal Options: If students are eager to attend programs out of the US, they apply and see how things go in terms of travel restrictions - this worked well last fall with students able to step into programs in Ireland, the UK, Israel, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Croatia, and Costa Rica.
  2. Backup Domestic Options: Students also apply to US-based programs which can range from group gap year options, to shorter skill-based intensives, some internship options (tougher to find in the US for gap year students), and volunteer placements. We had many students last fall on group programs in Hawaii and the mainland US, as well as engaging in clearing trails in national parks, doing business and physical therapy internships, and attending Wilderness EMT certification courses. 
  3. Backup Backup Options: Our  ORL (Online Resource List) of over 85 links include courses of all kinds, internships, volunteer work, seminars and certifications, arts, fitness, etc. Most of our students did not have to utilize these options this past gap year, and it is unlikely that students this coming year will even need to consider the ORL.

One great gap year benefit is how much flexibility is involved with swift and easy changes in plans as needed. Program variety allows students to still engage in interesting experiences as they wait to see how the world landscape unfolds, and with increased freedom of movement, they can turn on a dime to step into options further afield. Gap year learning is all about rolling with change and the challenge of becoming comfortable with shifting plans, whether due to internal or external factors. Our current situation with this virus definitely posed one of the more challenging external pressures for change, but we saw first hand that it is possible to successfully carry on nonetheless with the above array of potential adjustments and options.


NYTimes (1/11/21) - health insurance information during covid:

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