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Each of our counselors is accredited through the Gap Year Association, having demonstrated excellence in the field of gap year consulting and passed all required standards for ethical, responsible and risk-managed placements in gap year education.

Holly Bull, Ed.M. - President 

Holly Bull Holly Bull has placed over 2,600 individuals (including her daughters) in programs in the 28+ years that she has been counseling students and adults through the gap-year process. She served on the Board of Directors of the Gap Year Association (GYA), has presented at NACAC, NJACAC, TACAC, HECA, and IECA, and has been an annual keynote speaker since the nationwide USA Gap Year Fairs began in 2007. While getting her Masters in Education at Harvard in 1994, Holly and fellow students formed a campus group called SEEC (Service-learning and Experiential Education Collaborative) which actually organized the first ever gap year fair in the USA with over a dozen local programs drawn from Interim’s database. She and her current GYA accredited Professional Gap Year Counselors have been interviewed for over 70 gap year articles and more than 15 TV and radio shows. Interim is also referenced in most books on the gap year.

Holly is one of the original Interim students. When her father, Cornelius Bull, founded the Center for Interim Programs in 1980, she was inspired to take a gap year before college. She followed up on interests in marine biology and Greece and split her year into volunteering at an aquaculture research institute in Hawaii and attending an academic cultural study program in Greece. She came away with a finer appreciation for learning for its own sake without the pressure of tests and grades, and the realization that she did not want to be a marine biologist.

After two years of college, Holly took a second gap year to travel in India and Nepal, attend a semester program in Athens, and engage in service work in Appalachia. Following her B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Virginia, she joined her father in his work at Interim and began counseling students through their own gap-year experiences. For two years, she also directed the USA office for her original program in Greece. After completing the Masters in Education, Holly continued her counseling work at Interim and since then has interspersed counseling with travel to visit programs in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Europe, and Turkey. She has also attended a number of 2-4 week programs: a wilderness survival skills school, a humpback whale research project, dude ranch work, and a yoga teacher training course.

Holly is based in the Princeton, NJ office.

Jane Sarouhan - Vice President

Jane Goldstone Sarouhan Jane Sarouhan has been working in international and experiential education for 25 years, and is proud to be part of this team. She is an accredited Professional Gap Year Counselor, as well as a former board member, of the Gap Year Association. She has been one of the keynote speakers at the USA Gap Year Fairs since 2011. She speaks around the country promoting the gap year on a national level, travels the world to vet quality placements, advises new programs on best practices, and most importantly and dear to her heart is working with families to curate the gap year options that will best meet the needs, interests, goals and budget of each courageous gap year student.

Jane's first pivotal step began when she made a global circumnavigation (England, India, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Colombia) during her junior year at Boston University. As an anthropology major, this journey was unparalleled, real-world exposure to Jane's previous textbook studies, but as a young adult this was an impressionable introduction to inspiring role models, hands-on learning, and newfound independence and confidence.

Jane returned from her trip around the world and promptly moved to California where she sought to weave together her interests in sustainability, community, and storytelling. She started a nonprofit that employed homeless adults in organic gardens. She explored nonprofit management and documentary film-making. She guided high school student groups on service and travel programs. Amidst these pursuits, she returned to school more focused and driven than ever, and graduated Cum Laude in Anthropology from San Francisco State University.

Ultimately, Jane's passion for working with young adults became her sole focus, and she began a 15-year career with Global Routes, a leading community service and travel program provider for high school, gap year and college students. In her roles as field instructor and program manager she developed and guided student programs throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As the Director of Global Routes she: hired, trained, and supervised over 100 field and full-time staff; developed protocol for admissions, risk management, and sustainable project development; created custom programs for student and adult groups; and ultimately moved the organization back to the east coast in the spring of 2002.

Jane joined the Center for Interim Programs as Vice President in 2011. Not an armchair gap year counselor, Jane continues to pursue her own opportunities for growth, connection, and adventure. She has summited peaks from 12,000 to 18,000 feet in Nepal, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. A facilitator at heart, she also works as a ski instructor, wedding officiant, and birth doula. She is a passionate, 4-season New England resident and outdoor adventurer (skiing, SUP boarding, trail running), but her greatest joy is sharing her wonder (and wander) in the world with her husband Jason and their daughter Kaya. While their more recent family adventures and research trips include Costa Rica, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand, Jane's favorite place on earth remains her parents' home on Cape Cod.

Jane is based in the Northampton, MA office.

Jason Sarouhan - Vice President

Jason Sarouhan Jason Sarouhan is a Gap Year Association accredited Professional Gap Year Counselor who has spent nearly two decades working with young adults in the field of experiential education. Since 2011, he has mentored several hundred students in his role as counselor with the Center for Interim Programs. Jason has also served on the Gap Year Association Board of Advisors and the Standards & Accreditation Committee since 2015, helping develop best practices as well as reviewing gap year programs seeking certification. He has been the keynote speaker for scores of USA Gap Year Fair events, and presents around the country about the benefits of taking gap time. Jason is passionate about supporting individuals on the courageous journey 'out of their comfort zones' during their gap year.

Jason's introduction to experiential education began with his own gap year in college. Exhausted by fifteen years of academic study without application, Jason took a semester off  from UC San Diego’s Thurgood Marshall College and his major studies of physical anthropology & primate behavior (much to his parents’ chagrin). During his 'gap time', Jason spent five months participating in a conservation and wildlife field program in Tanzania and traveling in Uganda and Madagascar. A month-long independent study project with one of the last known tribes of hunter-gatherers rekindled his love of learning and he returned to college with a renewed sense of focus and academic confidence.

Following his graduation from college, Jason participated in archaeological digs in Kenya and South Africa, developed an on-campus paleo-archaeology field school, and taught introductory anthropology and West African dance classes. He and his brother also co-founded an Improv comedy troupe that facilitated leadership conferences for high school students. A fifty-five day Outward Bound Instructor’s course solidified Jason’s commitment to experiential education and he spent the next several years teaching, developing, and leading kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, and natural history programs for youth and adults in California and Mexico.

Jason's years of guiding wilderness expeditions merged with his passion for global exploration when he began leading community service programs for teens and gap year students in Ghana, Thailand, and Tanzania with Global Routes. He later served as their Africa & Asia program manager and then Director of this well-respected service learning organization. As an administrator, Jason had the opportunity to further embrace facets of leadership as he hired, trained, and supported field staff preparing to embark on cross-cultural immersion experiences.

Jason has dedicated his career to being an inspiring role model for his students and staff. He continues to explore his ‘stretch zone’ through ultra-marathon running, his yoga practice, serving on the founding board of Girls on the Run Western, MA and travels to Central America, Europe, New Zealand, and Indonesia. As a committed husband, father, and educator, he is devoted to supporting individuals in clarifying their interests and taking continued steps towards self-discovery, the essence of his work as a gap year counselor with the Center for Interim Programs.

Jason is based in the Northampton, MA office.

Kate Warren - Director of Research 

Kate Warren Kate Warren is Director of Research at the Center for Interim Programs. She has complemented her professional life with many civic volunteer positions and her passion for music. She is Chair of the Princeton Affordable Housing Board, former secretary of the Witherspoon Jackson Development Corporation Board of Directors, former Chair of the Housing Authority of the Borough of Princeton Board of Commissioners, a life member of both the NJ State Firemen Ladies Auxiliary and the Mercer County Firemen Ladies Auxiliary, and President of her local auxiliary, as well as past Vice President of the County auxiliary. Kate is politically active, having run for public office on several occasions. And, in addition to being a member of several choral groups, she has fulfilled a lifelong ambition to perform at Carnegie Hall as well as play Mother Ginger in "The Nutcracker."

Since joining Interim, Kate has engaged in a number of program site visits to learn, first-hand, what Interim students encounter during a gap year. In the USA, she visited a room-and-board political internship as well as an experimental community focused on alternative methods of urban development. She spent a day as a blacksmith student, and observed students attending a gunsmith course. Internationally, she visited an outdoor education program in Ireland, witnessed a range of options in Israel from dance centers to eco-villages, and experienced a wildlife conservation program in Canada. 

Kate's colleagues have dubbed her a "super sleuth" in recognition of her steadfast quest to locate new gap year opportunities worldwide. Her willingness to let no stone go unturned has resulted in the addition of many new options for Interim students to consider. She genuinely delights in matching students' interest with just the right programs as they embark on their journey of self-exploration and personal growth.  

Kate is based in the Princeton, NJ office.

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