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Our counselors are accredited through the Gap Year Association, having demonstrated excellence in the field of gap year consulting and passed all required standards for ethical, responsible and risk-managed placements in gap year education.

Holly Bull, Ed.M. - President & Counselor

Holly Bull Holly Bull has placed over 3300 individuals (including her daughters) in programs in the 35+ years that she has been counseling students and adults through the gap-year process. She served on the Board of Directors of the Gap Year Association (GYA), has presented at NACAC, NJACAC, TACAC, HECA, IECA, and NAFSA, and has been an annual keynote speaker since the nationwide USA Gap Year Fairs began in 2007. While getting her Masters in Education at Harvard in 1994, Holly and fellow students formed a campus group called SEEC (Service-learning and Experiential Education Collaborative) which organized the first ever gap year fair in the US with over a dozen local programs drawn from Interim’s database. Since 1980, she and fellow counselors have been interviewed for over 70 gap year articles and 15 TV and radio shows. Interim is also referenced in most books on the gap year.

Holly is one of the original Interim students. When her father, Cornelius Bull, founded the Center for Interim Programs in 1980, she was inspired to take a gap year before college. She followed up on interests in marine biology and Greece and split her year into volunteering at an aquaculture research institute in Hawaii and attending an academic cultural study program in Greece. She came away with a finer appreciation for learning for its own sake without the pressure of tests and grades, and the realization that she did not want to be a marine biologist.

After two years of college, Holly took a second gap year to travel in India and Nepal, attend a semester program in Athens, and engage in service work in Appalachia. Following her B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Virginia, she joined her father in his work at Interim and began counseling students through their own gap-year experiences. For two years, she also directed the USA office for her original program in Greece. After completing the Masters in Education, Holly continued her counseling work at Interim and since then has interspersed counseling with travel to visit programs in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Europe, and Turkey. She has also attended a number of 2-4 week programs: a wilderness survival skills school, a humpback whale research project, dude ranch work, and a yoga teacher training course.

Kate Warren - Research Director
& Counselor

Kate Warren Kate Warren joined Interim in 2001 as Director of Research. To date, she remains the only full-time independent gap year program researcher and counselor in the US. She has engaged in numerous program site visits to learn, first-hand, what Interim students encounter during a gap year. Internationally, Kate has seen outdoor education programs in Ireland, witnessed a range of options in Israel from dance centers to eco-villages, experienced a wildlife conservation program in Canada, and traveled throughout Turkey. In the US, she has visited room-and-board political internships as well as experimental communities focused on alternative methods of urban development. She spent a day as a blacksmith student, and observed students attending a gunsmith course.

Kate's colleagues refer to her as a "super sleuth" in recognition of her steadfast quest to locate new gap year opportunities worldwide; her due diligence on programs is unparalleled. With background training in sociology at the College of New Jersey, she works in tandem with Holly matching students' interests with vetted and appropriate programs as they embark on their journeys of exploration and personal growth.

Complementing her professional life, Kate has held many civic volunteer positions and has a passion for music. She is Chair of the Princeton Affordable Housing Board, former secretary of the Witherspoon Jackson Development Corporation Board of Directors, former Chair of the Housing Authority of the Borough of Princeton Board of Commissioners, a life member of both the NJ State Firemen Ladies Auxiliary and Mercer County Firemen Ladies Auxiliary, and President of her local auxiliary, as well as past Vice President of the County auxiliary. Kate is politically active, having run for public office on several occasions. And, in addition to having been a member of several choral groups, she fulfilled a lifelong ambition to perform at Carnegie Hall as well as play Mother Ginger in "The Nutcracker."

Walter J. Krieg - Technology Director

Walter Krieg has been a technical and business advisor to Interim since 1997. He has installed new database systems, networked Interim offices, updated the website, and facilitated Interim's smooth  transition onto the Internet Cloud.

Walter first became acquainted with the Center for Interim Programs in the 1980s. He was, however, drawn to the idea of gap time before it had a name in the US when he became a "stepaway" gap year student following his freshman year in college. During his gap year, he tried different internship-type jobs until fellow workers counseled him to return to college where he majored in science and technology. He then gained another degree in computers and began serving local clients in Princeton. 

As the father of a gap year student, Walter has witnessed the benefits of gap time. In her current career with IBM, his daughter draws on the skills and experiences garnered during her gap year before college. He has been able to speak eloquently from his own gap year and as a gap year parent to prospective families at gap year fairs and school presentations. 


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