Mid and Post Career Sample Programs

The following list of opportunities are a sample of the options that Interim has researched, vetted, visited, and/or sent mid- and post-career gappers on since 1980. See also our Sample Scenarios for examples of how Interim’s adult gappers have combined different experiences and interests during their unique career breaks.


Support care for elephants in Thailand
Volunteer at a remote wolf sanctuary in the U.S.
Volunteer at a wildlife refuge in Bolivia
Hands-on work with injured and abandoned wildlife in Africa
Volunteer at a natural colony of Woolly and Capuchin monkeys
Horse rehabilitation in the U.S. and Africa


Film-making and photography workshops in the U.S.
Classes in ceramics, metals, materials, and glasswork in the U.S.
Study painting, drawing, sculpture, fresco, and more in Italy
Jazz, rock, guitar, and percussion classes in the U.S.
Work/study option at a residential arts and crafts center
Calligraphy, Tai Chi, cooking, and musical instrument instruction

Community Service

Service work in human rights with disadvantaged children
Live and work with hearing impaired children and young adults
Construction and conservation projects in Madagascar
Teach English to young Buddhist monks
Support Lakota Sioux elementary school age children
Volunteer at a children’s home in Chile or India


Volunteer on environmental field projects worldwide
Wildlife conservation projects throughout Africa
Wine making, faming, and eco-tourism in Israel
Live and volunteer at a sub-arctic research facility
Marine conservation and research worldwide
Maya Itza culture and tropical forest ecology

Cultural Immersion

Experiential-learning travel adventures worldwide
Cooking, yoga, music, dance, and Ayurveda in India
Work with hilltribe villagers in northern Thailand
Language immersion in 40 countries and in 25 languages
Native American wilderness survival courses
Volunteer with Tibetan refugees in India

Skills Training

Journal writing workshops in the U.S. and Europe
Certification in wilderness emergency medicine and rescue
Courses in design and natural building in the U.S.
SCUBA courses in Australia, Fiji, Mexico, and Africa
Cooking and beer making classes in Europe
TEFL training in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Thailand, and Barcelona


Meditation instruction retreats worldwide
Residential training in Zen teachings
Sustainable living and holistic education in Europe
Yoga teacher training and yoga retreats worldwide
Faith-based service work in the U.S. and abroad
Work/study at a healing arts center in the U.S.

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