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The following list of opportunities, separated into 10 categories, is just a fraction of the 6,500+ options that Interim has researched, vetted, visited, and/or referred students to since 1980. See also our Sample Scenarios for examples of how Interim students have combined different experiences and interests during their gap time.

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Spanish language class
  • Study abroad semester in Europe with student housing
  • Language study and homestays throughout Latin America
  • Semester live-aboard sailing educational program
  • 7 countries in 7 months focusing on global issues
  • Language school and cultural immersion in Japan
  • Self-designed academic curriculum with tutors in England
  • Design and architecture summer course at a U.S. college


Caring for injured sloth
  • Work with sled dogs, horses, and injured wildlife in Canada
  • Wildlife conservation and research throughout Africa
  • Volunteer at a penguin or monkey sanctuary in Chile
  • Tag sea turtles and do beach patrols in Costa Rica
  • Support care for elephants in Thailand
  • Volunteer at a panda reserve in China
  • Work at a cattle station in Australia


Studying tingatinga painting technique
  • Sculpture, jewelry, and painting classes in New Zealand
  • Hands-on art history study in Italy
  • Film-making courses in U.S. and Europe
  • Classes in ceramics, metals, and glass-work in the U.S.
  • Theatre programs in the U.S. and Italy
  • Semester fine art program in Italy or Greece
  • Jazz, rock, guitar, and percussion classes in the U.S.


Volunteering with children
  • Work with homeless, street children in Ecuador
  • Volunteer in rural clinics and hospitals in India, Tanzania or Mexico
  • Bring computer and IT skills to rural communities in Asia
  • Support sports, health, and women’s programs in Africa
  • Volunteer at outdoor education centers in the U.S.
  • Construction and teaching projects in Fiji
  • Reforestation & clean water projects in Latin America


Sailing and marine biology program
  • Field research studying ecosystems in the U.S. and abroad
  • Marine biology and sustainability in the Caribbean
  • Join a conservation crew in a national park in the U.S.
  • Sustainable building at an experimental farm in Costa Rica
  • Conservation travel program in New Zealand and Australia
  • SCUBA certification and research in Fiji and Mexico
  • Volunteer at a nature reserve in a cloud forest in Ecuador


Student and homestay mother
  • Spanish, adventure, and service semester in South America
  • Cultural program in Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Study eastern languages, traditions, and religions in Asia
  • Build classrooms, teach, and travel throughout East Africa
  • Meditation, service, and trekking in Nepal
  • Live and teach at an environmental school in Costa Rica
  • Learn about the indigenous people of the southwest


Medical internship
  • Intern at a gallery or museum in Europe or New Zealand
  • Journalism or media internship in South Africa
  • Political internship at a government watchdog in D.C.
  • Web design and IT internship in Spain or Ireland
  • Medical internship in Costa Rica with Spanish classes
  • Intern at an outdoor adventure center in New Zealand
  • Internship in education and development in Africa


SCUBA certification
  • Semester outdoor leadership courses worldwide
  • Courses in wilderness survival and emergency medicine
  • Ski and snowboard instructor training in Canada
  • Leadership and outdoor education semester in Costa Rica 
  • Craft-oriented wilderness education program in the U.S.
  • Mountaineering and avalanche course in Alaska
  • Surf coaching and lifeguarding program in Ireland


Practicing yoga
  • Semester religious studies group program in India
  • Silent meditation retreat in the U.S. and Nepal
  • Program in Israel focused on Jewish studies 
  • Yoga classes and teacher training courses worldwide
  • Farming, wilderness and reflective program in New England
  • Volunteer work at a spiritual community in Scotland
  • Internship at a Tibetan Buddhist studies center in France


Guitar building
  • Guitar-building program in Europe
  • SCUBA and sailing instructor courses in Australia or Greece
  • TEFL training in Costa Rica, Thailand, or Spain
  • Recording arts program in the U.S.
  • Courses in design, natural building, & construction in U.S.
  • Cooking courses throughout Europe
  • Martial arts and Mandarin in China

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