January 2, 2018

Interim helps to kick off the 2018 USA Gap Year Fair circuit!

Jane Sarouhan leads gap program in Tanzania in 2008.
For anyone interested in learning more about gap years, the 11th annual USA Gap Year Fair circuit begins this January 6th and will travel to 43 locations across the US and Canada over the next 2 months. These events are free, open to the public, and a wealth of information for both students and parents alike. 

The Center for Interim Programs is proud to offer the keynote presentation at most of these events, so this is also an ideal opportunity to meet one of our expert counselors. Each event begins with an hour-long presentation, in which we intend to dispel myths and misconceptions about the gap year, share facts and figures, explore strategies, address frequently asked questions and concerns, and introduce you to some of the best practices and programs in the field.

To kick off the season on the east coast, track down our President Holly Bull in Philadelphia (Jan 6), New Jersey (Jan 7) or New York (Jan 8 & 9). Next up you can meet Vice President Jason Sarouhan in Connecticut (Jan 10 & 11) and Vice President Jane Sarouhan in Boston (Jan 20 & 21). 

There is probably an event near you in the next 8 weeks, so be sure to check the USA Gap Year Fair Schedule.

Please share this information far and wide with your friends, relatives, neighbors and high school counselors, and we hope to see you there!

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